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SEABERTH Scheduling Solution at Port COST2SERV Network Planning in Action Cirrus Logistics Consultant in Warehouse

Cirrus Logistics is a UK based company that specialises in providing decision support solutions to local and global corporations in both the supply chain and maritime industries. We supply software and services that utilise advanced optimisation and simulation techniques to enable companies to develop the best possible business strategies that deliver optimum financial benefits.

We understand that for your business issues you require solutions, not just products.


Over the years we have gained experience in a multitude of industries, see how we have been implementing best practices in yours.


We understand that for your business issues you require Cirrus specialises in Decision Support tools for the supply chain and maritime industries.


"COST2SERV Network Strategy has enabled us to gain an unparalleled picture of the entire supply chain so that all the components are optimised. Its graphics are excellent, stimulating buy-in from all team members, and new data assessments can be delivered in less than 20 seconds."

Conoco Phillips

"CLASS has been key in enabling us to achieve our goal of substantially increasing warehouse capacity - in one case by 40% - and deferring the need for new capital investment. In the future, it will become the platform for continuous improvement across our entire warehouse network."


"SEABERTH has given us the confidence that we are optimising our berthing operations in line with our commerical priorities. The system was easy to implement and overall has proven to be a considerable benefit to operations and planning."


"CLASS reduced the warehouse planning process by some six months anbd has enabled us to save potentially 25% on outside parking while delivering a very efficient operation. The cost of the software has already paid for itself twice over."


"We enjoy using CLASS. It's easy to use, and both internal and external customers are impressed by the results."


"SEABERTH helps us make better scheduling decisions because we can see the real situation in a way that our managers, despite their experience, simply could not. In most cases, SEABERTH makes proposals that our users agree with. The point is we can now see why and that gives us confidence in our decisions."


"Payback has been rapid and, while it is early days yet, I believe we will go on to achieve some 5% reduction in our total distribution costs as the result of undertaking this first project with Cirrus Logistics and COST2SERV."



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