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How to Reduce Your Demurrage Bill

January 23, 2017

This paper has been written to introduce an approach to vessel planning and scheduling that can return million-dollar savings per terminal per year. For supply chains that involve the chartering of vessels, demurrage is seen by many organisations as an…


Cirrus Logistics Port Technology Article

July 21, 2016

Applied Modelling Algorithms for Ports and Terminals   The design and application of algorithms in ports and terminals is a specialist discipline which has been advancing in recent years as computer technology has enabled the processing of ever m…


Network strategy for Black Friday

Is Your Supply Chain Network Prepared for Black Friday?

September 21, 2015

Black Friday is a long-standing tradition in the US, causing chaos both in store and online, as a crowd of crazed shoppers attempt to get their Christmas shopping for a bargain price. This sales phenomenon is becoming increasingly popular in the UK too, c…


Supply Chain Strategy

Test Your 2015 Supply Chain Strategy

January 8, 2015

How do we ensure we start the New Year with the confidence that our supply chain strategy will be successful? We agonise over business reports, we study the trend lines and create spreadsheet formulae that provides a sense of satisfaction that, just ma…


Vessel Call Planning

Berth Scheduling Challenges for Oil and Gas Terminals

April 8, 2014

Berth space at terminals is a limited resource, and development of new berth space is expensive, time-consuming and may be limited by natural constraints.  Effective berth scheduling allows terminals to maximise utilisation of their berth space; therefor…



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