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Infrastructure Design


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The investment in buildings or road infrastructure projects requires the complete understanding of how they will perform under operational conditions to prevent costly debugging of a design post build. Cirrus has developed tools that can be used to construct two dimensional layouts which can then be converted to 3 dimensional working models. These models can be assigned people, vehicles and equipment that function in response to demands, in accordance with predefined rules.

The models can then be run and evaluated with key performance information reported and conflicts highlighted to enable the design or processes to be changed to achieve an optimum performance.

The application is spatial aware which means that the model can be created quickly negating the need to enter travel distances between related points and enables performance statistics to be quickly calculated and congestion points to be automatically flagged.

Constructing models prior to commissioning building projects has the benefit of knowing that the project will be a success. Where conflicts are found changes can be made to the blue print more cost effectively than post build.