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Warehouse Design


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The successful warehouse design or modelling of an operational facility requires the designer to understand how the available space can be best configured to maximise the performance of the building.

Traditional CAD packages focus on the construction of the building but they are not designed to evaluate the space from an operational perspective. Using a design tool such as CLASS, enables the CAD design to be imported and tested under operational conditions.

Proving a warehouse design relies upon operations knowledge, there is no need to be a CAD expert. A resource library holds preconfigured resource components including rack types, work benches and conveyors. Bay sizes and aisle widths come preconfigured but can be edited to suit. The drag and drop interface enables the user to stretch the rack across the drawing resulting in the isles, bays and individual locations to be assigned. The model can be toggled between 2D and 3D, navigation tools facilitate a virtual walk through of the warehouse, a movie capture facilities enables these to captured and shared.

Once configured the material flows can be assigned and the peaks and troughs of an operational day modelled. Reports highlight any congestion in aisle, marshalling areas, work processes or storage areas.

The CLASS tool enables you to design, test and re-design the layout of your operation for maximum efficiency, as well as to simulate any number of operational scenarios. It identifies the real layout and process issues in complex warehouse operations and tests change strategies.

Whether you’re looking to lower warehousing and handling costs, make your processes more efficient, improve customer service or test new layouts warehouse design tools can provide you with the right data to prove that your ideas or project recommendations will work and give your organisation or client the improvements/objectives they are looking for. You can even brand and animate your processes to bring your ideas to life.

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