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Eradicate interruption of automotive production

Maintaining a lean supply chain is imperative in today’s automotive industry. The ability to be responsive and agile are key for business success; availability of product just-in-time and just-in-sequence are vital and therefore process times need to be quick and reliable to provide value within the supply chain for OEMs and end customers.

CLASS is the world leading warehouse design and simulation Software, for over 20 years our automotive customers such as Vauxhall and Jaguar Land Rover have saved millions when making risk-free changes within their warehouses, sequencing centres and production plants.

Whether you are using 3PL or in-house deliveries, the aim is to minimise interruption of production. Using our decision support software, you are able to understand where the “break-points” are across all of your sites.

CLASS can design any warehouse or yard layout in 2D and 3D. Using our simulation module, you can then test “What if?” scenarios in a safe computer environment to help make informed decision on changes to replacement parts production, assembly lines or general distribution.

Cirrus has been helping Automotive companies to understand and develop their supply chains through our decision support software tools. Typical assignments have included:

  • Design line side storage
  • Eradicate interruption of automotive production
  • Line side delivery times
  • Minimise waste
  • Labour utilisation
  • Increase in productivity
  • Tow train initiatives
  • Increase the warehouse space
  • Full layout design of warehouse and road network leading to line side
  • Dock door utilisation
  • Minimised congestion and delays