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Celebrating graduation

The supply chain problems of today will be resolved by the designers of tomorrow. That’s why Cirrus Logistics provides students and educational institutions opportunities to access our CLASS 3D Warehouse Design and Simulation Software and SEABERTH Scheduling and Simulation applications.


CLASS for Academia will help to inspire the next generation of Warehouse Simulation/Designers to visualise, design and create ‘Better Warehouses’ for the future.

CLASS provides the students with experience of solving complex problems through a simple procedural approach to designing warehouses. The students will learn first-hand how modern day algorithms remove the complexity from problem solving and help release the creativity of the designer, whilst at the same time ensuring the solution remains compliant to warehouse standards.


  • How to lay-out a warehouse
  • How to balance flows within the warehouse
  • How to calculate the optimal amount of resource and equipment to complete the warehouse tasks

Port Scheduling

SEABERTH for Academia is an excellent way to understand the complexity of scheduling and how computer algorithms can be used to solve this computational challenge. It highlights the limitations of manual planning systems and shows the practical benefits of modelling.


  • How to compare automated scheduling to manual planning
  • How to model port constraints and create a berthing schedule
  • How to run a simulation exercise to evaluate the effects of changes to port infrastructure on port performance