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Running an efficient supply chain in the Food & Beverage sector is an ever changing challenge, and one where maintaining a high service level is critical. Seasonality of both consumer demand and raw material supply, promotions, mergers and brand launches all generate volatility with supply chains needing to be robust and flexible.

In turn, the relationship between food manufacturers and retailers is continuing to evolve – needing careful planning in how and where goods are transported and delivered into the retail supply chain to minimise costs.

Whilst some Food and Beverage companies devolve responsibility to 3rd parties, many others choose to operate their own supply chain, with raw material collection, finished goods storage and distribution all key elements.

Cirrus has been helping Food and Beverage companies to understand and develop their supply chains through our decision support software tools. Typical assignments have included:

  • Factory Sourcing, to determine how to make best use of multiple manufacturing sites
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Supply chain design
  • Strategic transport planning, including integrated transport operations
  • Warehouse design and layout