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Food retailers compete on very small margins and as such a cost-effective operation of their supply chain is critical. At the same time the supply chain is evolving, meeting the needs of increasing outlets, changing customer loyalties, increases product ranges, changing store formats including ecommerce.

At the same time, the relationship with suppliers is also evolving, with more communication driving lower stocks and changing entry points into the retailers’ supply chain. These changes, together with changes to transport options and a green agenda make the cost-effective planning of transport vital.

Cirrus has been helping Grocery Retailers to understand and develop their supply chains through our decision support software tools. Typical assignments have included:

  • Warehouse location planning to minimise stem mileage and support capacity
  • Strategic transport planning to minimise cost to service the retail outlets
  • New warehouse design and layout to support new processes and operational challenges
  • Warehouse capacity and throughput planning to maximise return of investment
  • Optimising warehouse layout and processes to reduce operational costs