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Create distribution layouts and network strategies in minutes

As consumerization impacts the timeliness and supply methods of the manufacturing industry, suppliers are also faced with the growing number of internal and external risks affecting global supply chain ranging from cost-efficiency, competition, legislation and globalisation.

Although trends such as lean manufacturing, just-in-time inventory, reduced product lifecycles, outsourcing, and supplier consolidation have yielded compelling business benefits, they have also introduced new kinds of supply chain risk and reduced the margin for error.

Manufacturers need to reduce cost to their operations, act quickly to demand with minimal stock excess, on top of which many manufacturers are compelled to comply with retailer demands and industry regulation.

In a fast moving and complex business, manufactures such as Greene King, Carlsberg, Syngenta, Cadbury, Belron and many more have used CLASS to help with constant change and risk by quantifying the benefits of different operational strategies. Cirrus Logistics has helped manufacturers with two major software applications – CLASS and COST2SERV.

CLASS layout design and simulation software helps you design and communicate the most efficient manufacturing layout in 2D and 3D. By using CLASS you can quickly create “What-if?” scenarios to determine the best layout for your manufacturing plant based on resource, throughput and constraints. CLASS uses logistics terminology and is so easy-to-use you can simply design your warehouse layout by using preconfigured mesh objects and our drag and drop tool. The simulation and animate function brings your designs and flows to life at the touch of a button.

COST2SERV helps our manufacturing customers establish a cost-effective network strategy by modelling primary and secondary distribution costs, key decisions, network rules and consignment fulfilment to establish the most efficient transportation network for your operation.

Cirrus helps Manufacturing FMCG companies to understand and develop their supply chains through our decision support software tools. Typical assignments have included:

  • Streamline manufacturing operations
  • Automation design and production process
  • Maintain profitability of MHE utilisation and shift patterns
  • Consolidate activities
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Define vehicle load sizes and arrival / departure times
  • New product line impacts
  • Site consolidations
  • Stock availability and increase service level
  • Detailed analysis on material flows