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Maritime transportation handles in excess of 90 per cent of the world’s freight trade. Ports provide key hubs for the transportation of goods to a wider supply chain network and as such are at the forefront of a shipping globalisation phenomena.

There is growing realisation that the services offered by ports must be internationally competitive. The stiff competition between ports for business, under growing pressure from the shipping lines has pushed for greater operational efficiency to increase profit margins and customer base as well as for better shareholder satisfaction.

It requires a high quality of service at minimum, sustainable cost. In fact, in order to remain competitive in the maritime world, the port must constantly boost operational efficiency whenever and wherever it is possible.

Successfully working alongside customers in all areas of the port-centric supply chain, Cirrus Logistics is helping organisations increase their operational efficiency, reduce costs and increase service levels by:

Quayside Planning

  • With our SEABERTH planning and scheduling tool, organisations have been able to increase port throughput and decrease delay-time through real-time and accurate information of the products journey.

Hinterland Planning

  • Maximising space and improving the efficiency of ports, warehouse or distribution centres using our CLASS design and simulation software, has proven that ports can better utilise their infrastructure and available resources for the movement and storage of goods.

Port Centric Logistic Strategies

  • Proving a critical element to the supply chain as well as the import and export of goods, ports are providing an added service to customer by better understanding the region’s transportation network using our COST2SERV solution to optimise the network and make transportation decisions based on the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly route.

Cloud Services

  • Our cloud services for the maritime supply chain, part of Cirrus’ Marine Enterprise Suite, ensures the port community and supply chain stakeholders keep up to date with the latest events.