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Today’s Retail Supply Chain is being put under increasing pressure to react to changes in the market. Retail outlets demand a wide range of products to be available at all times, with regular deliveries to minimise in-store stock levels. At the same time, increases in internet sales is driving rapid growth in pick and pack operations which are often new and unfamiliar to retailer supply chains.

These changes in demand, together with an increased reliance on imported products on long lead times, means that Retail supply chains are evolving, with new delivery processes to support, changing delivery patterns and changes to overall stock holding and throughput. These must all be managed in a cost-effective way; either within the existing infrastructure or through more radical change.

Cirrus has been working with top retailers supporting them with these key decisions, using our supply chain modelling tools, CLASS and COST2SERV. Typical projects include:

  • Fleet location planning
  • Supply chain network design, from import through to store
  • Supply chain simulation, looking at product sourcing and inventory management
  • Strategic transport planning
  • Determining Warehouse Capacity with options for expansion
  • New warehouse/DC solution design, including internal layout and simulation
  • Warehouse change programmes to evaluate and plan new infrastructure and processes