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Carlsberg UK Resourcing the Warehouse With CLASS

February 28, 2014

Carlsberg UK Resourcing the Warehouse With CLASS – Introduction

When Carlsberg UK, the major brewer and distributor of beer to the UK pub trade, decided to employ CLASS, it was in the belief that the decision support tool would further boost the Company’s understanding of its warehousing activities. Until this time, the approach to warehouse operations had been entirely shaped by assumptions based on the considerable knowledge and experience of the managers. However, Carlsberg UK wished to introduce a level of analysis to the process, enabling it to generate meaningful savings and streamline procedures. Initially, CLASS, and in particular the CLASS Site Traffic module, were used to assess anticipated vehicle movements at a primary warehouse site about to be commissioned near Leeds.

Optimum Resource Levels from Day One

The CLASS Site Traffic module enables warehouse managers to assess the key factors that determine vehicle turnaround time, from the physical layout of the site to the phasing of activity and the scheduling of vehicles onto docks. Using the tool, Carlsberg UK was able to determine that, by active management of the profile of inbound deliveries, it could close one of the Leeds gatehouses for 12 hours each day, thereby saving significant security costs. Further analysis showed that the Company’s estimates of the manpower and MHE needed could be reduced with the result that, when the site opened, it was properly, but not excessively, resourced.

Continuing Assessment of Operations and Resources

Since the successful commissioning of the Leeds site, Carlsberg UK has extended its use of CLASS across the entire retail network of 14 warehousing centres and has begun the process of ‘What if?’ modelling to test alternative methods of operation as well as to optimise resource levels at each depot.This work is being undertaken in collaboration with Cirrus Logistics to ensure that robust models, fully reflecting the complexities of certain activities, are built at this early stage. The product’s impressive visuals, providing an easily recognisable facsimile of the real warehouse, are, in Carlsberg UK’s experience, invaluable in delivering impact and achieving “buy in” from the management team.

“CLASS quickly proved to be a good check on our work, revealing opportunities to rationalise our resource levels and suggesting changes in our operations that we could assess without risk to our ongoing operations. And, it gave us that all important confidence in our decisions.”
Mark Faulkner
Project Manager, Distribution
Carlsberg UK