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DHL – A Global Solution

February 27, 2014

DHL, one of the world’s leading supply chain management companies, has a global licence for the use of CLASS. For a number of years, DHL had used the tool mainly to deliver warehouse design options but, as the scope and scale of its usage increased substantially, the Company decided to sign up for a global licence. The Retail and Consumer Europe Board had requested more detailed simulations across Europe to help determine best practice in on-going warehouse operations and the Solutions Design team was keen to use CLASS to drive improved productivity. Now, with the corporate licence, DHL has unlimited access to CLASS worldwide.

A Platform For Successful ITTs 

Initially, DHL’s requirement was to use CLASS as a visual aid in tender presentations, showing proposed warehouse layouts and on screen ‘walk-throughs’ to prospective customers. The speed and simplicity with which design options could be generated proved a significant benefit as did the easy-to-understand visuals that could be readily shared with the audience at presentations.

A Tool for Consultancy Projects

As both a warehouse design and operations decision support tool, CLASS is used by DHL extensively in its consultancy projects. For example, DHL helped a major FMCG retailer convert its warehouse from an ambient to a pick-by-line chill centre, in the process applying CLASS to verify the capability of a limited marshalling area to handle the proposed throughput. In another project, DHL initially used CLASS to improve the layout of a 70,000 sq metre ambient warehouse, testing options to revise picking distances and resolve in-bound delivery congestion in the marshalling areas, before employing the tool to assess staffing resources. Optimum solutions were identified which achieved significantly greater spatial and team working efficiencies, increasing flexibility across the operation.

A Shared Focus on Complex Issues

DHL has had a global CLASS licence since 2005, enabling their teams to deliver warehouse operations to the same optimum level across the world.

An Animation Sequence Manager captures individual parts of the simulation as an AVI file that can then be introduced into other media such as Powerpoint. Any aspect of the virtual warehouse layout and operation may be recorded in this way over a user selected period of time and the Animation Sequence Manager will condense this as instructed for a presentation or meeting. In this way, DHL can be sure that specific areas of concern are focused upon and shared between all parties, making it easier to successfully analyse larger, more complex modelling projects across the organisation.

“The global licence enables us to share the benefits of CLASS across our organisation. We find CLASS significantly easier and quicker to use than any other type of design system and it is also very successful in demonstrating proposed warehouse layouts or flow-through scenarios on screen, showing that we understand our clients’ requirements.”
Head of Solutions Design,
Retail and Consumer – DHL