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Webinar: Save Millions Annually by Reducing your Demurrage Bill

February 18, 2015

Take just 30 minutes to learn how to effectively plan and reschedule vessels in order to lower your demurrage costs. Understand the different variables which affect your plan and make changes in real-time. Using computer software, you can test changes before committing to them in the actual plan, whilst also being able to analyse historical data when dealing with demurrage claims.

You’ll discover how to break down demurrage costs, create precise calculations and factor in future costs to save time on planning while making huge savings to your bill, year–on-year.

Attend one of our webinars on:

  • Feb 5th at 08.00 GMT / 16:00 EST
  • Feb 10th at 16.30 GMT / 11:30 EST
  • Feb 18th at 10.00 GMT

Click here to register ( and see how to save millions annually by reducing your demurrage bill