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Cirrus Logistics Headlines Oil & Gas section at the Port Strategy Conference

May 23, 2013

Cirrus Logistics Headlines Oil & Gas section at the Port Strategy Conference this June

Cirrus Logistics, leaders in decision based support tools to the supply chain industry, is pleased to announce that it will be one of the key partners at the Global Institute of Logistics’ (GIL) Port Strategy Conference, West Africa edition 4th – 7th June. Cirrus will lead workshops and panel discussions representing the Oil and Gas industry throughout the conference, being held in Tenerife. Port Authorities, Investors, Suppliers, Operators and end users will hear and discuss how they can play a role in the future of port strategies and best practice around the world.

Cirrus will share its views on the trends and future challenges of global trade, explain how technology can be used to help meet these challenges; including how ports should be recognised as a critical node in the extended supply chain and the need to have agile multi-modal strategies capable of dealing with a multitude of variables and constraints.

Attendees will be invited to take part in panel discussions held by VIP guests from oil majors and tank terminals. Kieran Ring, CEO of GIL will conduct case study interviews and delve into how ports can better optimise assets by adopting the right strategies in the planning processes.

“We’re excited by this opportunity to share our experiences and best practice thinking in Vessel Call Planning across all port and terminal sectors,” commented Simon Shore, managing director of Cirrus Logistics. “We have over 20 years’ experience in developing planning tools for the industry, most notably SEABERTH, which has been adopted as the benchmark solution for oil and gas terminals.”

GIL is a port-focused membership organisation. For the last 10 years the Institute has researched the role of global ports within the modern global supply chain. Today ports are not just about transiting cargo and are increasingly playing a role in adding value to their customer’s supply chains. The Institute’s mission is to “Improve Global Logistics One Port at a Time”.

The forum, run by GIL as part of its mission, will bring together a network of local, regional and global maritime logistics stakeholders drawn from the Port Authority, Investor, Operator and end user communities. There will be discussion and debate on what the implications for world trade and cargo flow will be due to ‘Africa Rising’, and particularly the opening of the West African markets.

Puertos De Tenerife are the Institute’s Chair Port for the West Africa region, and act on behalf of the region as a conduit for the transfer of best practice both to and from the Institute’s global network. In partnership with the Institute, Puertos De Tenerife will host the World Port Strategy Forum (WPSF) West Africa edition. The WPSF West Africa edition is part of a world series of World Port Strategy Forums, and this special edition has been added in response to ‘Africa Rising’; the growing influence that the African continent is having on world cargo flows – and in this case the opening of the West African markets.

Recognising that ports have an integral role to play in supporting this development, the forum will explore questions such as:

•    What will the role of the port be as these markets open up?
•    What are the challenges in operating the port to global best practice?
•    What are the associated investment opportunities?