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Cirrus Logistics marine modelling tools aid the expansion of LNG movements from Qatar

May 5, 2011

As a result of increased demand on global energy, Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) is now being shipped across the world in specialist vessels with tanks specifically designed to control temperatures down to minus160 Degrees Celsius. It is envisaged that there will be significant growth of LNG movements over the next decade and as a result ports like Ras Lafan in Qatar are undergoing extensive development to ensure they will be ready and able to handle this projected increase through marine modelling tools.

AMATIS was the first of Cirrus Logistics’ modelling tools to be used at the Ras Lafan site to model and simulate increased vessel movements. The initial result of using AMATIS was to highlight the need for more sophisticated rules of navigation to minimise the risk of ship collision at the port.

Cirrus Logistics is also involved with the operational development of the Ras Lafan Port expansion, working with the developers to control and schedule movement in and out of the port as it grows significantly in volume over the next 5- 10 years. SEABERTH will be used to test both the day to day Increased berthing and unloading operations at the port as well as to simulate the results and risks associated with different growth scenarios.

At the receiving end of the supply chain, ports such as Milford Haven in the UK are also using SEABERTH simulation to assess the impact of the growth of these specialised shipments on their port facilities and the necessary berthing and specialised handing that will be required.