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Cirrus Logistics to provide oil major with cloud-based vessel call management

July 7, 2016

Recently launched Marine Enterprise Suite comes out on top in rigorous selection process

 Cirrus Logistics today announced that it has won a deal with an oil major to provide a cloud solution for vessel call management. The system will provide the ability to vet vessel’s suitability for different berths at the refinery’s terminal, and allow the vessel with the correct attributes to be matched with nominated product movements. Using Cirrus’ latest cloud-based Marine Enterprise Suite, the solution will manage the vessel arrival and departure events and service the documentation requirements of the vessel call.

“A cloud solution was essential to meeting the customer’s mobility and efficiency requirements,” said Simon Shore, managing director of Cirrus Logistics. “Cirrus have been leaders in berth scheduling for over 20 years. Our ongoing R&D investments have enriched our portfolio and permitted the expansion of our SEABERTH berth scheduling application into a suite of cloud-based marine terminal services called the Marine Enterprise Suite.”

The Marine Enterprise Suite (MES) was formally launched at the SEABERTH global user conference held in April, following early adoption by Valero in January this year. The conference was attended by users around the world, who heard Valero describe how the implementation of MES was already improving communication between internal and external parties who participate in, or who are dependent upon, vessel and product movements. The amount of communication needed to co-ordinate vessel traffic, meet safety requirements, schedule pilots and coordinate mooring gangs is considerable, particularly in shared water ways.

“While cloud technology facilitates easier deployment and data sharing, the application must recognise that some information is commercially sensitive and so MES will only serve users with information that enables them to fulfil their specific function. The strong uptake of MES and the benefits already gained by our customers confirms that our terminal solutions deliver a compelling business case,” concluded Shore.