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Cirrus Logistics Wins SCM Award

November 21, 2013

Cirrus Logistics wins SCM Award,the leaders in decision based support tools to the supply chain and maritime industries; is delighted to announce that it has won the SCM Award for Innovation in the Supply Chain. The award was presented at this year’s Global SCM Oil & Energy Conference in Houston, Texas. The Group’s Achievement Awards are part of its initiative to recognise individual excellence in the supply chain.

The annual conference was established to bring the supply chain Oil & Energy sector together in one place and discuss the latest supply chain issues, providing strategies on how to overcome them as a community. The Oil & Energy sector encompasses the extremes of supply chains, from remote and inhospitable environments through to last mile secure delivery. The Global SCM Leaders On-Demand: Oil & Energy community provides a platform to share and collaborate.

“We’re delighted to win this award and to be recognised for our contribution towards innovation in this sector,” commented Anton du Preez, group sales director for Cirrus Logistics. “We invest a great deal in understanding the exact needs of our customers in the Oil and Energy market; not only have we adapted our berth planning tool SEABERTH to meet these needs, we engage in supply chain communities all over the world in order to have the best understanding of current and future strategies.”

Whilst at the event, du Preez addressed the community on the strategic and tactical opportunities available to supply chain experts by optimising their existing resources. The presentation delved into the difficulties that Oil & Energy companies as well as third party logistics providers (3PL) face when needing to adapt to changing market trends and the costly impact that poorly informed decisions can have on the entire supply chain. Du Preez discussed the benefits of making informed decisions using computerised scheduling, modelling and simulation tools such as SEABERTH and CLASS. Some of areas covered included: wharf management, network strategy and warehouse operations.