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CLASS 2012 Gets Remodelled

June 7, 2012

The latest product offering from Cirrus Logistics offers warehouses the next generation in layout design and simulation as CLASS 2012 gets remodelled.

Cirrus Logistics, providers of simulation techniques in the supply chain, today announced the launch of its next generation product offering – CLASS 2012. Undergoing a complete technology upgrade over the past 18 months, CLASS 2012 marks a milestone in the product’s 20 year history and will change the face of warehouse design at the touch of a button.

With its latest features, warehouse professionals are able to redesign and simulate ‘what-if’ scenarios in a PC environment to accelerate project signoff and drive greater efficiency from the start. The best news about CLASS 2012 is that it’s even easier and more intuitive to use than ever before, meaning that professionals, from consultants to warehouse managers can use and simulate their warehouse operations; without the need for timely and costly programming techniques.

In the next generation of CLASS 2012, the user interface has been completely updated to make it easier and quicker to use. A brand new ‘Animate’ function will allow users to automatically animate their layout providing rapid visualisation. There is a new point-and-click method for making movie sequences and an updated sharing functionality which enables movie files to be shared with non-CLASS users, making projects more accessible and appealing to key stakeholders.

Cirrus Logistics has also improved the way in which organisations can personalise vehicles by providing a seamless interaction with standard drawing packages, at the same time as being able to instantly preview designs, meaning that warehouses can tailor objects to their own company branding.

In addition, time-saving devices and common features from a Windows application environment have been added such as ‘cut and paste’, ‘drag and drop’, and ‘stretch objects’ which shortens the learning curve for new users and speeds up the warehouse design process.

By popular demand, companies will now also be able to use all standard image file formats such as bmp, gif, jpg and tiff, as well as access an extended library of 3D mesh objects and textures; to further ease the design process and the graphical presentation of projects.

CLASS 2012 has been guided by customer feedback and now contains added functionality that logistics professionals have requested, such as combining the layout and simulation process; this means that when users make a change at the visual layout stage, it is then automatically replicated in the simulation process for users to quickly understand how changes will impact their operations.

“A lot of work has gone into completely redesigning our next generation of CLASS,” commented Simon Shore, managing director of Cirrus Logistics. “The supply chain is continually seeking to drive out costs, no more so than in warehousing. By building the latest technology into CLASS 2012, we’re enabling greater functional sophistication and easy-to-use tools that not only safeguard the market leading position of CLASS, but we’re putting the power to save costs into the hands of our users.”