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Class Delivers a Competitive Edge

September 30, 2010

In reviewing all its modelling tool sets, Exel in the U.S. sought to identify the combined benefits of the features and functions versus costs of each. CLASS emerged the clear leader with a competitive edge in warehouse design and simulation because it had an intuitive interface that made the learning process easy, it was simple to translate the design output into a visual presentation and it was cost effective.

In terms of deliverables, in just two months, CLASS achieved outstanding results for both design and business development areas, as well as with customers. Strong 3D imagery made the virtual design clear and it was possible to simulate different scenarios quickly; the visual appeal positively influenced potential customers and existing customers found they could much better understand Exel’s proposed solutions. In Exel’s experience, CLASS has generated a significant increase in the speed with which its team can produce warehouse design proposals while also generating valuable enhancements to the quality, detail and understanding of the layout solution.