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CLASS Helps Nakilat Design New Warehouse

April 7, 2010

CLASS helps Nakilat – When Qatar Gas Transport Company Ltd. (Nakilat) was recently faced with the task of quickly designing the layout and racking for a new warehouse, the company turned to Cirrus to help apply CLASS to the challenge.

The new warehouse was to fulfil three main functions: to provide long term storage for the high value spares required for the liquefied natural gas (LNG) tankers operated by Nakilat, to act as a ready-to-use store for more frequently used items; and to be a consolidation point for the ships’ supplies, ensuring that they were quayside-ready for vessels on arrival.

In the course of a two week exercise undertaken in Qatar, Cirrus used CLASS to identify the best possible layout. The resulting plans provided all the information that Nakilat needed to go forward and commission the warehouse.