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New Zealand port selects Cirrus Logistics’ Marine Enterprise Suite

July 19, 2019

Port Taranaki has selected Cirrus Logistics’ Marine Enterprise Suite – a new berth scheduling application – as their chosen solution, feeding into a bigger IT ambition for a series of improvements to its terminal-management.

New Zealand’s only west coast deep-water port, Port Taranaki handles large volumes of diverse cargoes. Utilised as a servicing base for sea transport, a provider of related maritime support and specialists in ‘heavy lift’ services, the port chose Cirrus Logistics to provide its new marine planning software, part of its drive for continual improvement.

Cirrus Logistics, part of international technology group Körber, helps companies solve their most complex supply chain challenges. Cirrus’ Marine Enterprise Suite (MES), is an application designed to help ports and terminals plan, schedule and manage vessel calls. MES meets all the demands of a modern terminal – applying planning and scheduling algorithms, performance monitoring, understanding constraints like Under Keel Clearance – terminal analytics and interactive vessel charts to ensure vessel ETAs can be accommodated and the best utilisation of resources achieved. The solution provides optimum terminal throughput, reduces vessel waiting time and meets the terminal operating objectives.

CEO of Port Taranaki, Guy Roper, visited Cirrus’ UK Head Office in Basingstoke to sign the deal and commented; “ Through evaluating our systems, technology and processes for ship planning and communication, we needed to replace our existing technology for planning the many resources used when we process a vessel call. The Marine Enterprise Suite will provide us with an algorithm that will assist and improve the planning process, whilst also taking into consideration the safety and operating constraints that apply at that point in time, before communicating the mooring plan to customers internally and externally.”

MES is the leading berth scheduling application adopted by marine terminals and ports all around the world. With an ongoing development programme and support, MES will continue to futureproof the business for years to come.

Simon Shore, Managing Director at Cirrus Logistics adds; “We are very pleased that Guy was able to meet our wider Cirrus team and really understand the true benefits of this solution. Port Taranaki is yet another customer to add to the growing list of MES customers around the world – our first in New Zealand – and we’re very excited about working together. I am confident that our specialist technology will continue to enable the Port Taranaki team to further optimise their operation and reduce costs.”