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Simulation and Scheduling Tools a must for Busy Ports

July 7, 2010

Powerful Decision Support Tool Launched to Aid Port & Marine Activity Worldwide 

Cirrus Logistics, has just released SEABERTH Simulation and Scheduling, a fully integrated suite of tools designed specifically to meet the needs of the port and marine terminal community. A successor to Cirrus’s highly successful SEABERTH modelling tool, the new system uniquely combines three modules that between them support day-to-day berthing operations, tactical planning and longer-term strategic decision making.

The Operational Module facilitates optimum day-to-day berth scheduling by producing a business focused, forecast berthing plan. It is a multi-user system that includes a number of selectable displays showing movement and berth resources, tidal patterns and tank inventories as well as the main schedule. When the berthing plan has been selected, the Module checks it and highlights potential weaknesses, at which point authorised users can easily make a manual intervention.

The Experimental Module enables tactical experiments with the operational plan, from testing alternative timings for terminal maintenance to the impact of spot cargoes, without interfering with on-going activities. The Module produces a ‘frozen in time’ plan that can be transferred into the operational plan if approved by management.

The Simulation Module allows multiple ‘what if?’ analyses for comparison and longer-term decision-making. It is an off-line modelling tool, which utilises current data stored in the Operational Module together with historical or specially imported information to create a ‘base case’ from which simulations can be run. It is designed for experimentation with numerous options for change, from infrastructure extensions to projected increases in shipping levels.