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Is Your Supply Chain Network Prepared for Black Friday?

September 21, 2015

Black Friday is a long-standing tradition in the US, causing chaos both in store and online, as a crowd of crazed shoppers attempt to get their Christmas shopping for a bargain price. This sales phenomenon is becoming increasingly popular in the UK too, causing a huge increase in customer demand, which is often extremely profitable for a business. However, an unplanned supply chain strategy for this busy period can leave you unable to meet the high demand of the customers.

What have you done to prepare for this year’s Black Friday?

Even if you have additional stock in place, if the supply chain is unable to deliver it to the end customers, costs quickly multiple and potential profits can quickly turn into large losses. We recommend using computer simulation models to assess your supply chain for the following reasons:

• They allow you to more accurately predict your stress points and how to deal with them
• You’ll be able to create a more cost efficient and resilient supply chain
• You’ll have a strategy in place for Black Friday, Christmas, and similar exceptional circumstances

Our latest white paper is an introduction to the power of using computer simulation and optimisation to develop your ideal network strategy. Evaluating your supply chain strategy by trial and error experimentation isn’t an option for optimised results. Instead, our computer modelling applications—COST2SERV and CLASS—will provide you with the perfect tools to assess all the variables. The paper will show you:

• How to use computer modelling and simulation to develop and test a supply chain strategy
• The key considerations when choosing a software tool for network design
• How simulation takes the risk out of network redesign by accounting for variable factors, uncertainty, and the complex interdependencies between processes

If you want to find out more about how to create a winning network strategy, download our free white paper now.