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Jetty or Berth Scheduling


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Jetty or Berth Scheduling the allocation of jetties, docks, wharfs, quays or other infrastructure to support the loading or discharging of a vessel’s cargo, is one of the most challenging planning and scheduling tasks. Cirrus’ Marine Enterprise Suite, MES, contains a state of the art optimisation algorithm, SEABERTH, which will automatically recommend a schedule that obeys the terminals operating rules and constraints. The computerised schedule will help to reduce waiting time, increase cargo throughput and allow for a greater variety of processing rules than the traditional first come first served.

The Marine Enterprise Suite provides a platform for planning, scheduling and sharing information with the whole port community, customers and agents.

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MES Features

  • SEABERTH Algorithm supports the planning and scheduling process and identifies the best vessel schedule
  • Tidal data is used to apply restrictions affecting when vessels can move to or from the berth as well as determining their mooring direction port-to-quay or starboard-to-quay
  • Port resources such as tugs and pilots, can be allocated depending on the type or size of the vessel
  • Constraints Management allows for over 60 different scheduling constraints to be configured into the berthing rules
  • Movement safety rules apply restrictions on vessel movements for example channel access, or turning and manoeuvring the vessel.
  • Vessel Clearance ensuring the vessel is physically compatible with its assigned berth.


  • Optimise the shipping schedule in alignment with the needs of the port/terminal/refinery
  • Reduces vessel waiting time and increases cargo throughput with associated revenue enhancements
  • Improves customer service, in line with contractual and commercial priorities
  • Improves infrastructure utilisation, assists with planning maintenance to minimise disruptions
  • Improves communication and management of KPI’s

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