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Marine Terminal Optimisation


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Optimizing a marine terminal or Port is not a simple activity, it requires the balancing of many different resources, sometimes with conflicting priorities. The benefits however of increasing productivity and reducing unnecessary firefighting can deliver considerable benefits to the bottom line.

The planning process needs to take into consideration many factors for it to be successful; infrastructure availability and limitations, manpower availability and available working hours, vessel estimated time of arrival and tidal conditions, tug and pilot schedules and shore side storage capacities, plus safety consideration, weather conditions etc. Further complexity is also driven by the fact that most ETAs change several times, this drives continual re-planning activities and requires constant communication to ensure all parties are aligned.

The Cirrus Marine Enterprise Suite, MES, enables planners and schedulers to quickly produce an optimized vessel and berthing schedule, which obeys the constraints and operating rules at your port. MES contains an optimization algorithm called SEABERTH, which automatically creates and compares a number of possible schedules and recommends the best fit to the scheduler. The plans can be amended by the Scheduler who can override recommendations of the algorithm, in all circumstances the scheduler is in full control whilst not having to focus on all the complexity of the task.

The Marine Enterprise Suite, provides a platform for planning and scheduling, information can be served to the whole port community, customers and agents.

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  • Optimise the shipping schedule in alignment with the needs of the port/terminal/refinery
  • Reduces vessel waiting time and increases cargo throughput with associated revenue enhancements
  • Improves customer service, in line with contractual and commercial priorities
  • Improves infrastructure utilisation, assists with planning maintenance to minimise disruptions
  • Improves communication and management of KPI’s

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