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Port or Marine Terminal Simulation


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SEABERTH Simulation is a ‘What-if?’ modelling tool. It enables the scheduler to carry out analysis and strategic experimentation in an accurate and stable modelling environment. SEABERTH Simulation is designed to answer such questions as:

  • How will the current marine infrastructure handle the increased number of vessel calls?
  • What infrastructure investments will increase the terminal performance?
  • What are the likely commercial and operational benefits of investing in another berth and when will we see a return on the investment?

The Simulation module can be used in conjunction with the Marine Enterprise Suite. This has the benefit of using current berth infrastructure, resources and constraints directly from the SEABERTH operational module. Vessel movements for a simulation scenario can also be imported from the current operational schedule or from historical vessel movements. Alternatively, shipping patterns can be constructed using an auto-generation feature. In this way the required quantity of vessel type / cargo types can be created within a specified time window. The optimum inventory feature can also be used to automatically plan a lifting / delivery schedule that will keep an inventory level within prescribed limits.

The Simulation module has a KPI summary page and options to drill down into each KPI to understand the details behind the simulation result. The results are presented to the user in graphical, chart and tabular formats. The user can maintain multiple ‘What if?’ experimental scenarios for comparison of results in key performance areas, to aid decision making.

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