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Understanding port performance is an important process, in order for ports and terminals to identify bottlenecks and areas where service needs to be improved. Ports often have detailed records of events such as when vessels arrived, when the pilot got on board, when vessels completed mooring and so on. However, raw data on its own does not give management the insights required to improve operations. A methodology is needed to analyse the detailed information to produce KPIs such as:

  • Utilisation of berths, split by relevant factors such as size of vessel, type of cargo transferred
  • Quantity of cargo transferred, split by relevant factors such as customer and vessel type
  • Delays at different points in the process and why these delays occurred
  • Waiting time and demurrage, split by factors such as berth, vessel type or cargo

With this understanding of the current performance of the port or terminal, you can move onto considering how to optimize the operations.

We have solutions which can help you make best use of the current port assets – SEABERTH – harmonise information exchange through the cloud – Marine Enterprise Suite – or help you decide on the best investment options to develop the port – CLASS.  To also find out more on Port Optimisation, please click here…