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Whilst our applications are designed for use by logistics professionals and not specialist programmers or operational research professionals, we understand that some companies appreciate the advantage of having access to a subject matter expert. Cirrus offers various complementary services which range from telephone support to full outsourcing of the simulation project.

  • Expert Support
  • Problem Analysis
  • Solution Design
  • Supply Chain Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Solutions Integration
  • Outsourcing

Our experts can help you understand your business constraints quickly and easily; enabling you to rapidly make the best informed decisions supported by quantitative data and interactive 2D or 3D computer models.

For companies who do not have staff to assign to a project, Cirrus can provide resources on a project-by-project basis. Where a business sees value in longer term relationships, then we can allocate resources on a more permanent basis. Irrespective of the engagement type, our account managers and consultants will ensure you are deriving the maximum benefit from your investment.