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Warehouse Design


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Designing a warehouse to make the best use of available space, and optimise operational performance is now possible with CLASS Warehouse Design and Simulation.

Traditionally, designing a warehouse has involved architects, consultants, operations teams and a variety of different applications to draw, model and simulate the new design. Fortunately today, all the tools necessary to design and test the warehouse have been brought together into a single application, CLASS, which can be used by the operations team without the need to employ external consultants.

CLASS contains all the warehouse knowledge and drawing tools necessary to design a warehouse. CLASS can support operations teams and architects alike, as it is both highly intuitive as a drawing tool as well as containing pre-programmed parameters and operational logic that ensure design and performance go hand in hand.

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  • Significantly reduces the time and effort of designing a warehouse
  • Reports and Analytics provide the business data needed to justify change
  • Safeguard Capital expenditure by proving concepts before investing
  • Identify hidden capacity and the best storage options
  • Optimise labour and equipment running costs


Preconfigured warehouse objects can be selected from a full range of storage types including carton flow racking, drive in racking, double deep, narrow aisle etc.

Drag and stretch warehouse objects to draw the interior of the warehouse and the yard. Point, click and drag to draw each warehouse object – dimension lines, snap to grid and a measuring tool speed up the drawing process.

Warehouse Builder automatically converts basic data into a 3D warehouse model.

3D image library of MHEs, vehicles, people, office and other warehouse objects come as standard.

Animation wizard takes your design and automatically brings it to life based on inbuilt warehouse logic.

Simulations of the warehouse in operation can be easily created to test the advantages of different designs and operating scenarios.

Algorithms eliminate the need for any programming.

Video production allows the capture of 3D motion clips of the design.

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