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Warehouse Simulation


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Warehouse simulation, the building and running of a virtual computer representation of a warehouse is the most effective way of evaluating a new warehouse layout or new operating practice.

Simulation used to be the domain of operational research experts and required programming skills. However, CLASS Warehouse Design and Simulation simplifies the activity of simulating a warehouse in operation, and makes it more accessible to more people and organisations.

CLASS enables users to quickly design a warehouse and then configure inbound and outbound daily activities to create a working warehouse model. Vehicles arrive, products are put-way, orders picked and shipped. The user can watch the warehouse operate, time can be paused or speeded up to observe in detail how the operation is performing. The process of running the simulation produces a series of metrics that measure the warehouse performance and highlight underperforming zones or resource.

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  • Comprehensive testing of the warehouse, going far beyond the capability of spreadsheet analysis
  • Results include resource usage over time, order fulfilment metrics, congestion, utilisation etc
  • Highlights problems with design, space allocation or resources
  • Reduces the time and effort needed to test a warehouse design
  • Safe guard’s investments by testing the design before investments are made
  • Optimises labour and equipment running costs
  • No programming required


  • Simulation Wizard speeds up the process of configuring the operational processes
  • What-if Wizard simplifies the tuning of the operation and makes changes to the model quick and simple.
  • Warehouse Algorithms create warehouse tasks, and allocate them across resources
  • Animation bring the model to life watch things happen in real-time
  • Traffic Logic Builder defines site traffic rules for delivery and collection
  • Data Editor allows the easy import and manipulation of data
  • 2D and 3D Warehouse Walk Through helps to communicate the design and assists with user and stakeholder buy-in
  • Movie Capture allows you to share your design with colleagues or clients

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